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The pipe on your left is typical of what I see… badly stained, broken stem, thrown in the draw, or glove department, an eyesore that is of no use to anyone. The pipe on the right is what I will return to you, new stem, reamed and cleaned, buffed and polished. Your pipe will be restored to it’s original beauty.

What Exactly Do We Do?

I will do what your pipe needs...Ream and clean bowl. Band cracked or broken shanks. Bore out-of-round mortise holes. Plug cracks or burn through’s in bowls. New stem replacement. Recut tenons. Correct bend in stem. Unplug a blocked air hole. Finish off with a complete Tripoli buff and Carnuba wax polish.


E Pipe Repairs

144 Linebrook Road

Ipswich, Ma. 01938

Email: John@EPipeRepairs.com


E Pipe Repairs